Devil Rabbit FreeBSD Packages


What is this?
Devil Rabbit FreeBSD Packages, or maybe it should have been called GNU/BSD, of l-FreeBSD, etc. The idea is to create a pseudo-FreeBSD "distribution". I don't want to repackage FreeBSD, (as I don't know if I can for one) but to provide a post-installable set of packages that would bring FreeBSD inline with a Linux Install.

Why Name it Devil Rabbit?
I loving call my rabbit, Jupiter, a Devil Rabbit, as she is a destructo-bunny. And it sounds cool (and evil at the same time). Have a better name?

I'm busy with school and school and school. BUT here is the list of FreeBSD packages I have selected. Based on FreeBSD 3.5.1 compaired to RedHat Linux 6.2 installed RPMs. DR/FreeBSD Packages